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  • Readings

    Your answers will be given before you even ask
    the questions.

    Spirit gives Tammy the exact reading you need at the time you talk to her.

  • Coaching

    In twelve coaching sessions, you walk away with what took Tammy eight years to figure out.

    The personal coaching program is customized to move you in the direction that would make your heart sing.

  • Speaking

    Listening to Tammy speak is like being with your closest friend.

    Tammy is engaging, funny, and full of spirit.

    Tammy shows up for the audience with grace and an inner connection that is felt by everyone.

  • Book

    Are you ready to learn from joy, release the past and all your cycles of pain? This book is for you.

    Tammy’s guide, William, explains so eloquently in simple terms of how we can function on Earth with joy and excitement in waking up everyday.

    It’s time to rise up and be motivated from a place within your soul.

Best Psychic Medium, Psychic Healings & Clearings

Spirit Messages and Clearings

Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Author and Speaker

Tammy Holmes is a Natural born Psychic Medium.  Tammy is Amazingly Accurate!  Gifted Psychic Medium, Life Coach, Author, and an Inspirational Speaker. She writes and speaks about ways to live more joyful and peaceful lives, where you become the co-creator of your own life

Tammy is a Natural-born and Very Gifted Psychic Medium. Tammy begins all her Psychic Readings with a Prayer and Blessing. Tammy will immediately tell you what she gets. Most of your questions will be answered before you ask any questions. You may be given messages from your loved ones that have crossed over to the other side. She will often give you detailed descriptions of people and places. Many times this may include names and dates. If you have questions, she will give quick immediate answers. She is a quick receiver of information.

With her guidance, clients have learned to connect to their world within and outside expanding themselves to love more fully and create lives of abundance in spirit and in hope. Always seeking to contribute to those in need, she has been called on to assist also in circumstances where no answers could be found by traditional means. By example Tammy was pivotal in helping police locate the body of a Phoenix-area business woman and mother that was buried in the desert. This garnered national attention and was featured in People Magazine.

Psychic Training Classes

Learn from one of the Best Psychic Mediums!

Have You Always Wanted to Learn How to Read for Yourself and Others? Once you start being guided intuitively, your life will expand in ways that your best thinking cannot create.  All Classes are Recorded for Easy Downloads to Re-Listen anytime.

Tammy Holmes 1-623-302-7422


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