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    Your answers will be given before you even ask
    the questions.

    Spirit gives Tammy the exact reading you need at the time you talk to her.

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    In twelve coaching sessions, you walk away with what took Tammy eight years to figure out.

    The personal coaching program is customized to move you in the direction that would make your heart sing.

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    Listening to Tammy speak is like being with your closest friend.

    Tammy is engaging, funny, and full of spirit.

    Tammy shows up for the audience with grace and an inner connection that is felt by everyone.

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    Are you ready to learn from joy, release the past and all your cycles of pain? This book is for you.

    Tammy’s guide, William, explains so eloquently in simple terms of how we can function on Earth with joy and excitement in waking up everyday.

    It’s time to rise up and be motivated from a place within your soul.

Medium, Spiritual Coach, Author, Speaker

Tammy is a medium, a spiritual coach, an author, and a inspirational speaker.
She writes and speaks about ways to live more joyful and peaceful lives, where you become the co-creator of your own life.

NEW! Brand new Meditation CD:
I have wanted to do this CD for the last two years on healing and becoming one with the higher self. It is so important on uniting with your self and the willingness to love and to release all that is not serving you. Now it is for sale, featuring new music by James Thrower. Pre-order a cd, or download it. It will be released on July 10th, 2014.
Jean Houston has said until we embrace our higher self we cannot come into our greatness. I agree 100 percent. This mediation will recalibrate you on a soul spirit level. Your blocks will be banished. Why drive when you can fly?

Embracing the Higher Self
$15.00 (plus $2 shipping for physical disk)

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