Tammy J Holmes

Psychic Medium, Spiritual Life Coach, Speaker, and Author

Tammy is a natural-born psychic medium who helps others through readings, clearing psychic energy, speaking events, and writing.

Here’s How Tammy Can Help You!

Psychic Readings

Get clarity on your work, relationships, health, income, a loved one who has passed, or anything else.

Psychic Clearings

I offer 3 types of energy clearings—environment clearings, physical and emotional healings, and soul retrievals.

Spiritual Life Coaching

My coaching sessions help you release your fears and anger, and assist you in learning your own psychic abilities.

Tammy is Clairvoyant (sees), Clairaudient (hears), Clairsentient (feels) and speaks directly to spirits, guides, people and animals on the other side.

“Speaking to Tammy is like speaking to my best friend with a direct connection to the other side. She is always truthful, kind and fun. She is amazingly fast with her information. She doesn’t need extra tools (like tarot cards, etc.)  I’ve had readings from various psychics and mediums for 40 years now, and she is truly gifted. Not many at her level of knowledge or ‘know-how’ and always so ethical about everything she does. May God keep giving you the Gift!  Honestly, I can’t say enough kind words about her. ”

– Karen B., Los Angeles, California

“I was referred to Tammy about 12 years ago. I felt helpless and lost due to a devastating break-up with my husband. I sought her out for a reading, as I was so scared of the future.  In accurate detail she was able to describe the dynamics of my situation and then led me through a powerful emotional guided meditation to help relieve my grief and anxiety.  I had never experienced anything like it.

 As my life has progressed, I have continued to seek Tammy out for readings about myself and my family and for life coaching. Her readings inevitably turn out to be amazingly accurate and her coaching advice always helps me see things from a different perspective. I feel calmer after a session with her.  Most recently she did a soul retrieval on my behalf, and I definitely feel a shift in my thoughts.

I highly recommend Tammy Holmes to anyone looking for guidance with their life and/or readings.

P.S. I lost my precious pearls once and thought maybe she could help.  I found them in a place like she described!”

-Sheri G., Phoenix, AZ

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