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21 Signs Psychics are Unethical or Dishonest

May 30, 2022 | Readings

Do you need some help finding an excellent psychic that will give you a reading that will inspire and help you with your life’s problems? Wouldn’t it be great to find a psychic who doesn’t leave you feeling hopeless, terrified, feeling bad about who you are, or cause you to go into debt? Take time to read this to find clues on who might be unethical or dishonest.

A psychic who…

1) Is demanding you to call them back many times to break a spell or cast out darkness in any way.

2) Demands large amounts of money before you come in, or the first time they meet you or speak to you.

3) Makes requests from you that you are not comfortable with.

4) Demands that you don’t go to anybody else or tries to control you.

5) Calls you all the time. If the relationship becomes co-dependent.

6) Only tells you what you want to hear.

7) Leaves you feeling confused or uncomfortable around them.

8) Has a large ego and just likes to hear themselves talk.

9) Puts others down or is negative.

10) Does not believe in the Light or a God Source presence.

11) Feels put out when you ask any questions or tries to make you feel unequal to them. If the psychic feels they are better or “special.”

12) Is not respectful to you or others around you.

13) Wants you to put them on a pedestal, or wants you to make them your special “guru.”

14) Wants to manipulate you to serve their needs and not your own.

15) Believes the dark is stronger than the light. Run from this.

16) Claims they know more than they actually do. Maybe they are not telling you the truth.

17) Makes you feel that you have given “your power” over to them and you cannot think for yourself.

18) Makes you feel total fear or uneasiness in their presence. The psychic feeds off of your insecurities.

19) Shares your information and your readings with others, and does not hold it “sacred or confidentially” just between the two of you.

20) Cancels appointments with you and is never on time.

21) Is intoxicated in anyway, and is not sober for the session.

Any Psychic or reader that’s Not There For Your Highest Good…. Run, Do Not Walk.

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