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Psychic Readings

Are you Seeking Greater Clarity, Insight, or Peace of Mind about a Particular Situation or Concern in your Life

or about your Life in General?

Readings are inspiring, fun, and will impact your life. You will definitely depart with a better understanding of where you are.

Readings release fear, guilt, and confusion—Sometimes in all our lives we get so connected to “our story” that it becomes hard to see the answers. Readings are answers that come from love, and truth to help you make better decisions and give clearer directions in your life. Many times readings can give closure to painful experiences in life or from losing loved ones.

With every reading, I set the intention that each person I meet feels better afterwards. My desire is that everyone I read has a better understanding of where they are, and that there is always another way that is loving to heal, which allows you to move forward so you can believe in your dreams again. Life is meant to be experienced by learning from joy not pain and that everything is a remembrance of who you truly are!

I am really easy going and easy to relate to. I am an equal partner in your reading so as you heal, I heal. We both rise. You can ask questions and you will feel comfortable through out the reading. As a psychic medium, my style or the way that I read is like watching a movie. Its given to me by my guides, your guides, your higher self, and the universal heavens. I use all my senses to retrieve information about you. All messages are positive and uplifting, helping you gain clarity, insight, and peace of mind. The miracles are beyond me, I am just the vessel.

Readings can also help return you to a state of well being, through a Psychic Healing, clear out negative energies in and around you with a Psychic Clearing or perhaps you have had a traumatic painful experience in which fragments of you have been lost, then a Soul Retrieval reading is needed. Read the questions below and decide which reading is best for you and contact me for a free consultation.

Psychic Readings
Do you want answers to where you are in your life? Are not able to move on after losing a loved one? Do you need clarity of life situations?

Psychic Healing
Do you feel stuck or not at ease in your life right now? Do you feel like things are out of sorts for you? Are you emotional or physically not feeling well or have you been diagnosed with an illness you cannot heal on your own?

Psychic Clearing
Do you feel like your home or work place is making you sick? Have you seen or felt uneasiness or displayed energy around you or in your environment? Have you tried other things and they have not worked?

Psychic Soul Retrieval
Do you feel like you cannot move on past someone or something? Is someone or some experience in your life hanging onto your thoughts, your emotions, and you cannot let go of it?

Have you had any intense experience past or present that is causing much stress and fear?


Or Click the button below to schedule a reading online.

Readings are given over the phone and last 30 or 60 minutes. When you schedule your reading, you will receive an email with the phone number to call and an access code. Your reading is recorded so you can listen anytime to the messages and insight you receive.

Psychic Readings —

30 minutes Psychic Reading – $80

60 minute Psychic Reading – $160

or call Tammy:  1-623-302-7422

Schedule a Reading Session with Tammy


 I do readings for small groups (8-15 people) in person, sharing positive, meaningful messages from Spirit Guides, Angels, and loved ones in Spirit. I have a limited number of Group Readings dates available each month. If you would like to host a group reading, please contact me for details. In your message, please let me know what group or organization you are with (if any) and the estimated size of the group.

Group Readings —

2 hour Group Reading – $360

(transportation cost not included)

Schedule Multiple Sessions with Tammy

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