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Personal Coaching

Are you looking to move forward in your life, seeking personal growth or intuitive development, perhaps even to thrive in your business?


Live your life purpose! Learn to break through fear, release anger, and forgive. Finally dissolve blocks that prevent forward motion and get grounded. Rise up to a higher vibration and live with peace creating meaningfulness while realizing dreams really do come true.

Personal Coaching Sessions are 60 minute, one-on-one phone conversations designed to help you co-create your ideal life. During an individual coaching session, you and I will have an honest conversation – complete with interactive exercises – about what that matters most to you. I hear and intuitively know what is keeping you from having the fulfilling life experience you desire. Then, I give you specific guidance, techniques, and tools to help you feel inspired, empowered, and able to confidently move forward in your life. I will support you and hold you accountable with homework and affirmations in-between sessions.

Personal Coaching Sessions are 12 tailored sessions to fit your needs. You can choose to focus on your family life, career, business, relationships, spiritual development, psychic development, or other area of your life. I help you tap into your inner wisdom, empowering you to get the answers you need long after our sessions are complete. With this focus, you are able to use the guidance, techniques, and tools you learn to help you throughout your lifetime.

I offer a 12-session personal coaching program to releasing the beliefs that hold one back and discovering one’s greatest potential for those ready to do the work.  As you experience the changes you will feel hopeful, empowered to believe that anything is possible. You will play bigger then you ever have before, purging all your fears away. Together it will happen. Start today.


Sessions are given over the phone and last 60 minutes. When you schedule your session, you will receive an email with the phone number to call and an access code. Your session is recorded so you can listen anytime to the messages and insight you receive.

Multiple Sessions Payment Options
To do this, click the button below and choose “2, 4, 8, or 12 Personal Coaching Sessions payments” from the drop-down menu. Then, schedule your first session. At the end of your first session, we will take extra time to schedule your follow-up sessions at no additional cost to you.

Coaching Sessions —

Two – 60 minutes Sessions – $320

Four – 60 minute Sessions – $640

Eight – 60 minute Sessions – $1280

Twelve – 60 minute Sessions – $1920

(*Complete Personal Coaching Program)

To Schedule Coaching Sesssions

Schedule Multiple Sessions

or call Tammy at:  (623) 302-7422

Free Consultation
If you have questions about my coaching style and would like to schedule a free 10 minute consultation, please contact me via email, include days and times that are best for you (include your time zone) and we will arrange a consultation time. A consultation is specifically for determining if my coaching style works for you. It is not a coaching call.

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