Psychic Medium Predictions, Trump Loses, Biden Wins. COVID Deaths Increase Before 2020 Ends. Vaccine 2 parts

Psychic Predictions, President Donald Trump Loses 2020 election. Biden Wins. Covid-19 Deaths greatly increase before the End of the Year! Over 340 deaths predicted BEFORE End of the Year 2020 – Vaccine two parts.  (Post: April 2, 2020) 

‘Natural born’ Psychic Medium Tammy Holmes

Psychic Medium Tammy Holmes Predicts Joe Biden Wins 2020 Presidential Election and Donald Trump loses 2020 Election.

Tammy Holmes predicts over 340 people will have died from Coronavirus (Covid-19) Before the End of the Year 2020.  Since 2016, Tammy explained that one the main reasons why Donald Trump loses the next election will be because of his own doing. 

Tammy explained to many of her friends and Clients — how things will become polarized and divided in the United States. It will feel like the ‘Light vs. the dark’ … but we must focus on doing our ‘own part in the play.’

One of Tammy’s Spirit Guides explains Donald Trump is not aware that Karma exists. 


One of Tammy’s spirit guides (William) gave Tammy this message (below) regarding the 2020 Presidential Election, Coronavirus (COVID-19), Donald Trump and Our Planet’s ability to transfer the ‘Darkness’ into ‘Light.’


William’s Message:

William:  “The virus is happening in two parts.

First, to bring you back to your Source—the Light part of you. The second is to fall away the falsehood of the ego that has bound your planet.

Your release from the ego is necessary for you to thrive again. Your planet was off-balance and tilting into the Darkness, and gaining strength to the point that your natural ability to transfer the Darkness was not working. Mother Earth was getting a beating from the universal collective energy that you were trying to give to her to transform. Mother Earth could no longer handle your separation from Source. 

This is more than a reboot. It is required of you to go through this change for you to exist on the planet. Over the last ten years, the balance of Light and Dark have become more Dark— even with the percentage of light workers and God bearing souls. You still could not transmit the Dark to the Light.

As you unite and realize you are all in this together, the shift will happen—back to normal. It will not be about state vs. state or country vs. country that will win. You all have to win for the rotation of the planet to be healed. You are the planet—plain and simple.

You will discover very shortly that your ways of the past, especially the last ten years, have taken a toll (collectively) on all of you. Not trusting your God Source Light or listening to your God Voices. Your planet affects ours as well. We all exchange frequencies.

Turn your thoughts to How can I grow in trust and love and respect for my fellow human being and this planet? This is about you living on for your children and grandchildren. You are being forced to think of others right now, and not just yourselves.

I know you are saying, “Trump does not fit this love vibration that needs to happen.” That is true; and what is also true is—neither do you. It is not partial love. It is all love. Your responsibility is to show love from you first. Do not be concerned with what your neighbor is doing or not doing. Show the way. Planting a new footing and stepping differently is needed. How are you showing up?

Rest assured, we are helping you all, but now you must help each other. Build a new way to think and feel about another soul and your communities and countries. Where is the compassion? You are feeling compassion, are you not? These days will allow compassion and will allow you to see another as yourself. Have deep reverence for each other and be kind, gentle and uplifting.

Trump will not survive this experience—this powerful epidemic. There will be much pain and loss of life and sickness and jobs. But you will rebuild another way. Do not rejoice over others who struggle—even if you see them as enemies. Their walk is their walk.

What is not Light (or cannot be Light) will dissolve like the wind and turn to dust. In this time of crisis, what is not truth cannot bounce back like a rubber ball. It will be disclosed for all to see.

Your values and your dreams and your wishes will change drastically from this. You will no longer tolerate petty deeds or actions. All emotional sicknesses, that take from others in order to self-indulge, will elude all of you as unworthy of any attention. There will be no gain from taking from another. The win will be that everyone wins. The unity of your planet will unite and celebrate once this virus dies and a vaccine is discovered.

Watch as the skies open up to show you what are the most important deeds and responsibilities for you all. All the surfacing and superficial things will fall away. It will not be important anymore. Don’t dwell on the fear of trying to understand why this is happening, because deep down you already know why.

This time is needed. It is really a gift for all of you.
As you watch Trump fall (his fall will be devastating), it will not be a joyous occasion, but a sad and painful fall. Pray for Trump because he is not aware that karma exists. He is fighting for power that is external. As you know the external is not Light.

Pray for your healthcare workers, grocery store workers, and delivery people. Truck drivers and all else who are vital to the planet right now. Pray for all who are needed right now to battle this virus out of existence. They are the glue that will rebuild your world. Learn from them. They get it. They know it is bigger than them, and they cannot help but want to help others.


Psychic Medium Tammy Holmes

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