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FREE Live Talk and Guided Meditation

Join Psychic Medium Tammy Holmes,

Oct. 5th, 2017 for a FREE Live Talk

and a Guided Meditation

if you missed the Teleseminar,

Check back for a FREE Download – Available soon.

Psychic Medium Tammy Holmes invites you to a FREE “Live” Talk & Meditation “Healing of the Planet” via “Live”  Scheduled, Teleseminar / Teleconference



Greetings Everyone,

We must come together and unite our energies … because of all the events going on around us.  The Talk and Guided Meditation will Help to Release much Fear and Restore Harmony within Ourselves,  so we can be a Force of Light for the Planet.  Join us in rising above the battlefield and over-analyzing the illusions of this World.

Topic: Healing of the Planet

Time:  Oct. 5th, 2017 –  6 PM  to 7 PM  P.S.T.
(Pacific Standard Time Zone)

Phone from anywhere in the United States:

Telephone: *************

Meeting ID:  **********

Call the phone line,  enter PIN,  enter  # sign

International Telephone: **********

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