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How Often Should You Get a Psychic Reading?

Jan 30, 2022 | Readings

Now or Should You Wait?

Many of my clients call me to ask if they are ready for getting a psychic reading now or should they wait?

My answer to this question varies from client to client. Because you are not neutral in getting your own answers, you may need someone who is not invested in your story.

One of the factors in getting a psychic reading is when you cannot heal on your own or you become obsessive or confused about what is going on in your life. Remember pain is relative… So there is no measure of how much pain you should be in. In my belief, pain is how most of us learn and grow on a soul level. Do I wish we could learn from joy? Yes, but it is not how humans work.

So the best answer is if you cannot let go of something, or you are in pain and confusion or need confirmation. Then by all means get a reading or coaching session or therapy. The form of healing has no impact on truth and healing and messages from Source, God, or Universe messages. You know when you need a therapist when you keep repeating the same patterns. Or you have trauma in your life and need professional help.

What a good, ethical reader does is give the truth with love and wisdom. As a reader, I am here to serve you and your needs. I have compassion for what you are going through. We all have our own lessons and experiences that we have to go through.

My clients will hear a message and I will know deeply they received what they needed in the message. Because we are joined you will feel their healing as your own. It works that way. I know when my clients feel better. I feel their pain and healing all at the same time.

My clients tell me how much they feel better and can move forward on their journey with less pain. It may not be all solved at once when the reading is done. The client will have the ability to cope easier with time and their own healing after the reading. Healing is a process. Not a one-stop fix.

I can share a story that actually happened years ago that gave me proof on how healing and readings work.

A Clients Story

I had a client who was actually carried into my office years ago because her son committed suicide and she was beside herself in deep grief. When my client was able to lay on the couch and listen to the messages her son was talking to me for her, she physically changed. Laying on the couch she started to unwind. Her body became relaxed and she cried for a while. The messages from her son was just for her. I still do not remember what was said as it was between the two of them. Once the reading was over she got up and was able to walk out the door on her own without any help. Her friends were in shock about her recovery. She was on her way to heal from a place of wellness instead of sickness.

The truth in messages releases stress and pain and an inner relief to just relax and trust again.

How Often?

How often should you get a reading? I would say maybe every few months if you are going through a really rough time and maybe twice a year if you need it. Some people do yearly readings. It all depends on how your life is unfolding. You can listen to your own God’s voice and be told what to do.

I do believe life is meant to be happy, have peace, and have goals in your life. As we know things do happen… Either wanting to know about a past loved one, missing the ones you love, or you ended or started a relationship and want to know what is going on. People ask about jobs, money, and family members. Also, people ask about their animals, and their health issues.

I hope this helps you with any questions about wanting to get a reading.

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