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changing_hands_3Along with completing her first book, Remembering One, Once Again, Tammy has not only been invited to and participated in various speaking engagements across the U.S., but has also hosted and produced more than 25 Awakening Conferences engaging the talents of internationally renowned spiritual speakers. Throughout her speaking career, Tammy has manifested her desire to make a difference in the lives she encounters, by touching each person she meets with joy and love. She has an amazing ability to connect others to their inner and outer worlds — their oneness and their God-self, allowing them to expand their consciousness to love more fully, thereby creating lives of spiritual abundance and hope. Her words will penetrate your soul and welcome you into a personal journey of knowingness.

Over the past few years Tammy Holmes has learned so much about life, not just the day to day lessons of how to survive, but deeper, life-changing lessons that continue to allow her to evolve spiritually; those lessons are conveyed through her speaking and spiritual readings. Tammy’s book, Remembering One, Once Again, embodies these lessons, and are evident in the topics of her various speaking engagements. Because of her continuing journey to connect with her own God-self, Tammy is always attuned to her audience and delivers inspiring, meaningful words specific to those in attendance. Spirit guides her talks, allowing each member in attendance to take away something that guides him or her along a positive, ever-evolving life-path. In fact, at one of her recent speaking engagements, she delivered personal readings to each person in attendance.

If you are interested in having Tammy speak at your next event or if you want to speak with her about other speaking opportunities, please contact Tammy here.



April, 2013

Changing Hands Bookstore, Phoenix, AZ

“Are You Your Own Best Friend?”

In what ways can you bring joy into your life, every day, starting today?

May, 2013

East West Bookshop, Mountain View, CA

“Remembering One, Once Again: The Twelve Principles of How You can Learn from Joy and Not Pain.”

Reflections and stories from the book.

AN OPPORTUNITY for audience members to ask personal or global questions of Tammy’s guides for insightful realizations!

May, 2013

Community Miracles Center, San Francisco, CA

“Being the Miracle Worker”

How are you showing up to serve?

Are your stories running your life or is God?

June, 2013

Unity on the River, Newbury Port, MA

“Believing in Yourself is Believing in God”

Are you your own best friend?

How are you feeding your soul’s bank account?

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