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What Others Say About Tammy’s Psychic Readings, Energy Clearings, and Coachings

“Tammy has been my spiritual advisor for many years now.  Through her medium work, I have been able to connect with loved ones who have passed on, to find peace and comfort in their loss.  She helped me through the grieving process, healing, and opening my heart to the future.  At my house she was able to provide spiritual clearings which have created a more tranquil and relaxing environment.  With my past relationships, her life coaching and support was invaluable in cutting cords and finding freedom to be me and in finding the real love that I deserve. Tammy is extremely knowledgable, with considerable skills, and is always friendly.”

Jenny A. Cave Creek, AZ

“There are no words for what Tammy has done to put my soul at peace after the loss of my parents and some unspoken things that left me feeling deeply sad…. Tammy was able to bring them to our conversation and validate and get me the explanations I was seeking for so long.  Tammy is a true medium and also a great explainer of things being told to her where she can make it directly relatable to your situation and understanding.  The big bonus for me was her explaining the path ahead for my two teenagers that are like most teenagers quite challenging to understand or relate to.  

My reading was so stunning that my wife (who is from Europe) asked for one herself, and quite honestly, I am a simple person compared to my wife’s feelings and emotions with family matters on her side, and her reading was even more validated accuracy but also opened my wife’s eyes to the answers to the troubling feelings and questions that were becoming overwhelming to her.

 If you want to reach to the other side, if you wish to understand those closest to you and your pathway, Tammy is by far the best I have ever had the pleasure to converse with.  Talk to Tammy!!!!”

Christian N., Palm Coast, FL and Prague, Czech Republic

“My mother set up an appointment with Tammy about a month ago, and I was listening in to write things down. First of all- Tammy is just AMAZING! She is direct and to the point, and she tells exactly WHAT she hears HOW she hears it! She is clean/safe spiritually, and she does pray and say protection before she begins.

She ended up acknowledging me listening in, and she also spoke of my life. She spoke of things that nobody could have known about me or my mum, except for those above. Not only that, but I waited a month out so that I could give a good review. She has set up both my mum and myself to take a successful path. TRULY, time has told that she has been correct about what she saw in others and in our future. My life has changed because of Tammy’s spoken guidance from above, and now I am at peace with my past traumas and with the path I am on!

Trust me, if you are deciding between someone else and TAMMY? TAMMY is truly gifted by GOD, and you will NOT find anyone else like her. NOW STOP scrolling through reviews! JUST BOOK! Thank you Tammy for your help and kindness, I appreciate you and your work.”

– Alexandria J., Goodyear, AZ

“I have been coaching & getting readings with Tammy for over 7 years. Her amazing gifts of intuition and guidance have gotten me through my darkest hour on several occasions! She truly has saved my life a few times. Her guidance is extremely accurate and insightful. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have Tammy in my life, especially during times when I am confused about a choice to make, or how to handle a situation with someone I am having trouble with, or when I am hurting & upset. Tammy has been there for me through it all, and helped restore my power and optimism for life.”

Wendy W., Van Nuys, CA

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