Tammy’s Audio Recordings, Meditations, and Book

Love, Energy, Healing

Mediation with the Council of 12 and the Ascendant Masters. 
A internal clearing from the inside out. Deep clearing and bringing in the higher energies. 


Remembering One, Once Again

Twelve Principles that Will Change Your Life


Using William as the guide, this book explains in detail how you can learn from joy and love and not from fear. You really have one choice—to learn from love or fear.

The book has twelve principles that will change your life. A back-to-back encounter with William and Tammy.  Read more.


Psychic Development Class

Audio Recordings

This is a series of six classes with homework to do after each class. It is a course that takes time to learn. Call for more details.



Manifesting Past a Chaotic World

Audio Recordings

This is a 3 part series of an interaction with releasing old beliefs that no longer serve you. It helps you release old patterns and blocks allowing you to thrive above the battlefield of this planet. You will understand there is a dynamic movement of love and light that you can tap into and free yourself of this illusionary world of darkness. 



Chakra Clearing Mediation

Audio Recording

Clear your seven chakras and forgiveness based on “The Course in Miracles.”    Release from your etheric and your emotional body all fears away from yourself. You will ascend to a higher elevation clearing your sickness, pain, and suffering.


Manifesting Mediation

Audio Recording

Show how to manifest from a place of love and worthiness.  How to manifest from a place of receiving love and guidance from a higher level of yourself.


Past, Present, & Future Mediation

Audio Recording

Release all the past and be more in the present. Go into the future to see where you are and what you are capable of co-creating. It will bring in hope and inspiration to your present moment.  See what is possible after shedding past pains and old beliefs.


Healing Your Higher Self

Audio Recording

As you heal yourself your inner core being becomes one with your dreams and your guided self. This allows you to embrace who you really are which is love, confident, and secure.