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Psychic Development Training Classes

Development Training Classes

with Psychic Medium Tammy Holmes 

Learn How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Learn How to Read for Yourself and Others

All Classes are Recorded for Easy downloads for Re-Listening


You will learn the proper way to purify and learn all of the techniques I have used over 21 years that have helped over 60,000 people. You will be given test readings once you have graduated the six classes.

You will be able to use  many modalities as tools to guide you.

Learn the Do’s and the Don’ts before you read anyone.

Learn how to protect yourself and have discernment.

You will learn how to see past lives. See the past and future of everyone you read for.

Learn how to see Spirit Guides and angels for yourself and others.

You will be shown how to go into the future to see what you are doing.

You will be able to see animals who have crossed over.

You will see the Akashic Records and the Council of Twelve.

You will see loved ones on the other side and see them for others.

You will be able to see illnesses and what thought brought the illness in and see how you maybe able to change it from the thought level.

Learn how to take fear away from those who are dying.

You will learn how to ask the right questions for yourself and others.

Learn the five questions most asked by those who want readings.

You will learn the 10 steps – before you even start a session with yourself or others.

Will have time for questions and answers.

All Classes are one Hour in Length, Optional to download the classes, and listen to the recordings at your leisure.

Instant *teleseminar classes. You can listen in on the calls and be apart of the group or you can also download the classes at your convince.

All classes are recorded for downloads to re listen to them over again.

Once you start being Guided intuitively, Your Life will Expand in Ways that your Best Thinking cannot Create!

Tammy is a Gifted Psychic Medium, a Spiritual Coach, Author, and an inspirational Speaker.
She writes and speaks about ways to live more joyful and peaceful  lives, where you become the co-creator of your own life.
She brings universal  hope and change through her work with individuals and groups through her private sessions of readings and talks and now through  her book Remembering One, Once Again.

Tammy has helped her international clientele to realize  their higher purpose. With her guidance, clients have learned to connect to their world within and outside expanding themselves to love more fully and create lives of abundance in spirit and in hope.

$295.00 Includes: 

6 One Hour Classes, *Teleseminar (optional) 

Bonus Chakra Healing CD

All credit cards are excepted. If needed, two payments with arrangements prior to starting the classes.

 *Teleseminar is
a class, workshop or lecture delivered over the telephone.
It gives students access to training materials they
might not be able to find in their local community, and allows
them to learn new material without having to travel.


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