Psychic Medium Bakersfield Free Event “Before I Die Festival,” “Talking to the Other side” Psychic Readings

Psychic Medium Tammy Holmes, in Bakersfield, California


An Upbeat, offbeat, we’re putting the “fun” into funeral planning with a 100% chance of mortality, the Bakersfield “Before I Die” Festival fosters reflection about how we address death and dying. By providing space and opportunities to openly discuss end-of-life issues and learn from experts, we can improve the outcome of the actions we take to prepare for our mortality. All Festival events are free and open to the public.

The “Woo-woo” Side of Death – Paranormal experts, ghost hunters and psychics talk about what’s on the “other side,” communicating with the dead, Near Death Experiences or NDEs and haunted Bakersfield. Are you a believer, a skeptic or just curious? Free Event — show up and Enjoy!

FREE Speaking Engagement–at the “Before I Die Festival” 

June 1st,  10 AM to 7 PM

• My Panel: 2pm-2:45 pm
• Repeated: 4pm-4:45 pm

“Talking To The Other Side”

June 4th from 6 PM – 8 PM

So if you are in Bakersfield or in the Los Angeles area and what to spend the day with diverse speakers come join us.

  • EVENT #2

“Talking To The Other Side”
June 4 6 PM-8 PM

Group Readings and Stories

See what messages are there for you from your loved ones or your higher self. Come be part of readings and story telling from Tammy.
Enjoy hearing messages for others and yourself.


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