Psychic or Energy Clearings

Tammy’s Psychic Clearings, Healings, and Soul Retrievals

So many clients call because they feel off. Or they feel something is going on in the house. Maybe they are having health issues. It is like they feel crazy and do not even know how to explain it.

I have to listen to their story to understand what is really going on. I feel it out to see what is really going on because there could be more under the layers etherically happening. Which is almost always the case.

Most of the time they do need an energy clearing.

Questions About Psychic or Energy Clearings

How I determine if you need a clearing?

I first want to make sure you are not crazy or that there are any psychological issues going on. Then I want to make sure you are not under the influence of any drugs or narcotics.

How will you know you need a clearing?

You will know when you need a clearing because you do not feel stable or not yourself. You know something is off. Or you can feel something is attached to you, a member of your family, or your environment.

Is there a thing as a psychic spell or voodoo?

Yes, there is and its lower vibrational energies that can play into your aura field. This could be a spell or binding spell or wrong intentions coming your way. Sometimes, it’s just a lesson or something floated into your being or home.  You will need to raise your vibrations. There are many earthbound entities and things that are not in human form.

What tools do I use for clearings?

I DO NOT use Tarot Cards because it is like watching a movie for me. But I DO use a Pendulum. I have been dowsing with a pendulum for over 20 years. I clear with precise questions and things that are needed for clearing. I use a list of over a 100 individual terms that I have found over the years that are useful.

What guidance do I use for my clearings?

Depending on each individual and what is best for them I …

1) Mostly use my meditative state of knowing.

2) Listen to my guides. I have a team of guides I use all the time. I have William, Sia Baba, Einstein, Jesus, and the Virgin Mary. I talk to all people who are light to assist in your clearing.  Also, the shamans and a group of grandmothers, and healers.

3) Talk to the guides to your higher self to find out what’s going on.

4) Talk to your loved ones on the other side.

5) Listen to the council of twelve.

6) Use the Akashic records, the angels, and the arch angels.

7) Can use water, light, energies, and the elements of nature to heal people.

8) Clear out chakras, cut cords, and release extractions or entities from client’s etheric bodies. 

My Clearing Process

I do not know fully what is going on until I go into a deep meditation to clear it. Once I am committed to a clearing, I stay with it until it is done. I am rather careful and choosy who I clear because it may take a few hours, or as much as three or four days.

It blows me away how much there is out there in the etheric realms. It is like going down a rabbit hole. You do not know what you will find. I am amazed by it all. It opens my clients up spiritually because now they know there is more going on than what they can see from their physical eyes.

Coming from love is the key and having my team of guides, angels, past loved ones, and Jesus to help me. I walk with many ascendant beings who have taught me what to do in the clearings. I just hold the space for the clearing to happen. It’s like watching an interesting movie.

Here are My 3 Different Types of Clearings

Psychic Soul Retrieval

A psychic soul retrieval is effective when you cannot move on past someone or something, such as an intense experience or relationship.

Environment Clearings

A environment clearing transforms negative energy around you or in your surroundings, such as a room, home, or a building.

Psychic Healing

A psychic healing is good if you are overly emotional or physically not feeling well or you have been diagnosed with an illness you cannot heal on your own.

If you are confused, have some questions about the clearings, or feel like you need a combination contact me for a 10-minute free consultation.

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