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tammy_testimonials_1“Tammy is a constant source of support. She is always there 100% for you. I have referred many people to her as she helps people extend their love into the world in their own unique way. I love, love her!”

– Dr. Valerie D. from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“I have been coaching & getting readings with Tammy for over 7 years. Her amazing gifts of intuition and guidance have gotten me through my darkest hour on several occasions! She truly has saved my life a few times. Her guidance is extremely accurate and insightful. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have Tammy in my life, especially during times when I am confused about a choice to make, or how to handle a situation with someone I am having trouble with, or when I am hurting & upset. Tammy has been there for me through it all, and helped restore my power and optimism for life. I am so deeply grateful for everything Tammy has done, and continues to do for me!”

– Wendy W., Van Nuys, California

“Tammy has been a real gift to my life. She is a wonderful blend of talents: amazingly intuitive, grounded in truth, spiritual in a way that does not offend practicing Christians and a channel for the profound. Doesn’t get much better than that!”

– Sandy C., Mesa, Arizona

“Tammy’s insightful work was very helpful to me during a very difficult time in my life. Losing a loved one was very hard. Tammy was very understanding and loving with her guidance during such a difficult time. She is an amazing and wonderful woman.”

– Scott M., Baton Rouge, Louisiana

“My coaching sessions with Tammy over the past year have enhanced every aspect of my life, every relationship. Through her guided meditations and gentle teaching, my anxiety and grief have been replaced with gratitude and joy. She has changed my life…saved my life! “

– Joanne K. Columbus, Texas

“Tammy has provided me with outstanding coaching since 2005. Our collaboration has included seasons of intensive weekly sessions and times of less frequent appointments. Tammy guidance has made it possible for me to create, love, and live more fully with joy and confidence.”

– Ellen S., Tempe, Arizona

“The gift of the book has changed my life—yes, saved my life. Having a reading with Tammy has assisted me in going forward in my life, when I felt hopeless. Love it. Love it! Love Tammy. Her gift of God’s will definitely pass through you. Blessings to you, Tammy.”

– Sharon H., Columbus, Texas

“I hardly ever read the entire book, but Remembering One, Once Again, kept my interest with every chapter. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting more answers to life, especially those interested in A Course of Miracles and psychic abilities.”

– Vicki C., Chandler, Arizona

“Thank you Tammy for taking the time to write this fantastic book. I have been on a passionate learning path for the last 28 years, since I was 18 years old, when I first had some amazing experiences like some in your book.

I must say you and William have written this in such an easy and thorough way that covers so many areas of life I have not been completely clear – even after all these years reading hundreds of books!
Once again, thank you, and William, and I hope millions of people find this book in their hands.”

– Stuart D., Rowlett, Texas


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