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Psychic Readings FAQ

How are phone sessions conducted?
Sessions are conducted via phone using a conferencing service.  After you have requested your session, I will provide you with a phone number and an access code.  At your scheduled appointment time, dial the appropriate number and enter the access code.

What if the times available don’t work with my schedule or if phone readings don’t work for me?
Please contact me to inquire about other options.

How do I pay for my session?
When you schedule your session, you can make a payment using a credit card. I accept all major credit cards.

How do I prepare for my reading?
Please prepare a list of questions you would like to focus on during your reading. Also, a few minutes before your reading, take several slow, deep breaths to feel more calm and peaceful. Make sure you are in a private area where you won’t be interrupted.

What can I expect during my reading?
During your reading, my Spirit Guides, loved ones on the other side, and your higher self, will work with your Guides to pass along guidance and insight about your questions. Their messages are always loving and in alignment with your highest good. Their messages are always focused on helping you feel more peaceful and helping you gain clarity and higher understanding about your life experiences. Rather than focusing on predicting your future, they help you feel empowered in the present so that you can create your ideal life experience. I will begin the reading by asking your Guides to tell me the overall message for you. Then, you can ask your questions and I will convey the answers from the source of divine energies that are pure light of God.

You can also choose to focus on connecting with your loved ones who are in Spirit during the reading. Most of the time, your loved ones from the other side come in to assist with the reading right before we begin.

How do I get the recording of my session?
After your session, I will send you an email with a link to download an MP3 audio recording of your session. MP3 audio files can be played on most computers and portable devices.


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