Tammy’s Psychic Readings

Psychic Reading to Get Clarity on Your Work, Relationships, Health, Income, a Loved One who has Passed, or Anything Else

Psychic Medium Tammy J Holmes Can Give You Clarity with…

Your Loved Ones Who Have Passed 

You can connect with loved ones who are on the other side. Find out how they are doing, and what they need to say to you. You can get clarity regarding their transition, or if you did everything right.

Your Health

We can find out when your health issues started, why, and see what needs to be done to clear it. We can find out what can be added to assist the medical profession. I believe you should combine medical with holistic answers. I believe working both is the key.

Current Relationships

Find out how to handle an ongoing issue you may have with someone. You can find out if they love you and you love them, get closure if you need it, or just check on them to see where they are and what are they doing. This is a very healing session for all involved.

Anything Else

You can get clarity with your workplace, career, financial issues, or anything else you want to know.


“Tammy’s insightful work was very helpful to me during a very difficult time in my life. Losing a loved one was very hard. Tammy was very understanding and loving with her guidance during such a difficult time. She is an amazing and wonderful woman.”

– Scott M., Baton Rouge, LA

Benefits of Getting a Reading

Readings release fear, guilt, and confusion—Sometimes in all our lives we get so connected to “our story” that it becomes hard to see the answers. Readings are answers that come from love, and truth to help you make better decisions and give clearer directions in your life. Many times readings can give closure to painful experiences in life or from losing loved ones.

“Tammy has been a real gift to my life. She is a wonderful blend of talents: amazingly intuitive, grounded in truth, spiritual in a way that does not offend practicing Christians and a channel for the profound. Doesn’t get much better than that!”

– Sandy C., Mesa, AZ

About My Readings

With every reading, I set the intention that each person I meet feels better afterwards. My desire is that everyone I read has a better understanding of where they are, and that there is always another way that is loving to heal, which allows you to move forward so you can believe in your dreams again. Life is meant to be experienced by learning from joy not pain and that everything is a remembrance of who you truly are!

I am really easy going and easy to relate to. I am an equal partner in your reading so as you heal, I heal. We both rise. You can ask questions and you will feel comfortable through out the reading. As a psychic medium, my style or the way that I read is like watching a movie. Its given to me by my guides, your guides, your higher self, and the universal heavens. I use all my senses to retrieve information about you. All messages are positive and uplifting, helping you gain clarity, insight, and peace of mind. The miracles are beyond me, I am just the vessel.

Readings can also help return you to a state of well being, through a Psychic Healing, clear out negative energies in and around you with a Psychic Clearing or perhaps you have had a traumatic painful experience in which fragments of you have been lost, then a Soul Retrieval reading is needed. Read the questions below and decide which reading is best for you and contact me for a free consultation.

Are you seeking greater clarity, insight, or peace of mind about a particular situation or concern in your life or about your life in general?

“Tammy doesn’t need to ask a lot of questions up front, she just gets right into the reading. I am always confident that she is ethical, confidential, and ‘protecting me’ while we are doing my reading sessions. Always a joy & pleasure to speak to her.  She’s wonderful, quick, and insightful. Glad I found someone who is what they say they are.”

– Jodi S., Phoenix, AZ

What Do the Coaching Sessions Cost?

Each 30-minute Reading is  $125

Each 60-minute Reading is  $250

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Details About Tammy’s Psychic Readings

How are phone sessions conducted?

Sessions are conducted by telephone, in-person, or Zoom. Readings are just as good over the phone as they are face to face as Tammy is reading energy, listening to her guides,  and speaking directly to the “other side.”

Tammy’s method

Tammy is a natural psychic medium from an early age and doesn’t use or need any tools (like cards, etc.) to read for anyone. Tammy often describes a reading as similar to “watching a movie.”

How do I pay for my session?

When you schedule your session, you can make a payment using a credit card, Venmo, or Zelle.

All Major Credit Cards are accepted. Also, PayPal, and Cash App payments are available.

How do I prepare for my reading?

Make sure you are in a private area where you will not be interrupted. Also, a few minutes before your reading, take several slow, deep breaths to feel calmer and more peaceful. Feel free to prepare a list of questions you would like to focus on during your reading.

What can I expect during my reading?

During your reading, Tammy’s Spirit Guides, your loved ones on the other side, and your Higher Self will work with your Guides to pass along guidance and insight about your questions. Their messages are always loving, in alignment with your highest good, and focused on helping you gain a higher understanding of your life experiences.

I will begin the reading by asking your Guides to tell me the overall message for you. Then, you can ask your questions and I will convey the answers from the source of divine energies that are pure light of God.

How do I get the recording of my session?

After your session, Tammy will send you an email with a link to download your recorded session. This is an MP3 audio file that can be played on most computers, portable devices, or cell phones.

“Both my Grandmothers and a very close friend who have all crossed over came through by name and specific information that only I would know about!  If Tammy doesn’t get a name–she tells me some kind of very specific detail that gives me that validation of knowing it’s a certain person. I asked her what was their ‘pet name’ for me. I was amazed she gave me the exact unique name.  You can’t just make this stuff up.” 

– Katherine L., Kissimmee, FL

Tammy is Clairvoyant (sees), Clairaudient (hears), Clairsentient (feels) and speaks directly to spirits, guides, people and animals on the other side.

Group Readings

I do readings for small groups (8-15 people) in person, sharing positive, meaningful messages from Spirit Guides, Angels, and loved ones in Spirit. In your message, please let me know what group or organization you are with (if any) and the estimated size of the group.

“I have spoken with her on multiple occasions in regards to work issues, family, and mental health. She is AMAZING. She does not “hold any punches” & tells you like it is. She’s just the messenger. I appreciate this.

She has played an important part in helping me to move forward & resolving issues that I have spent too much time on when it wasn’t necessary. She has become more than just an adviser, I consider her a friend. I would recommend her to anyone. Her messages (for me) have been on POINT! She’s a beautiful soul & cares about her clients.”

– Elena Y., Goodyear, AZ

Schedule a Psychic Reading Now!

1-602-347-7799  (cell)

“ Since 2008 Tammy has been my psychic advisor, medium, coach, and a wonderful teacher of “The Course In Miracles.” She’s very powerful, clairvoyant,  intuitive, and a loving soul. I feel so grateful that I met her when I did and have her in my life as a guide to help with life’s trials and tribulations. Connecting with her through the years has transformed my life for the better! I highly recommend her to anyone seeking answers or validation about relationships, life paths, or to connect with loved ones on the other side.”

-Jessica P. Providence, Rhode Island

Psychic Readings Policies and Disclaimer

By law, I must state that this is for entertainment purposes only.  You must be 18 years or older to use this service. All guidance is subject to your own interpretation. By purchasing a reading you are agreeing that any information/guidance provided does not constitute or substitute for legal, psychological, financial, medical, or business advice. You claim full responsibility for the choices and/or actions taken based on the content of your reading.