How to Find Real and Ethical Psychic Mediums

How to Find Real & Ethical Psychic Mediums

How to Know if a Psychic is There for Your Highest Good

by Psychic Medium Tammy Holmes

A Genuine and Ethical Psychic

1) Sees your greatness and bears compassion with your reading from love and wants the best for you.

2) Does not force you into anything you are not open to. They always hold or carries a space – knowing you’re safe and secure in the sessions and afterwards.

3) does not take anything personal. They always holding the space for the Truth to come through.

4) who prays before they start the reading… Allowing the light force – the God force to Guide the Reading. 

5) always come from love, giving you the truth and honoring the messages given.

6) is available for the client when it works for both of them. Allowing the client to call when needed.

7) who has their prices listed and the prices are Not Hidden.

8) When Clearings are needed, allows the client to think about it first, and allows the client to go to others for feedback. They are not upset if the client needs time or even refuses any of the services offered to them.

9) Tells a client if they really do not need the reading to check back at a later time.

10) Who is there to serve the client and wants the client to feel better afterwards.

11) Who is Not putting anyone down or cursing or degrading anyone.

12) Who Always allowing the client to feel empowered throughout the call.

13) Who Never judges the client and knows the soul is growing and learning their lessons in this lifetime.

14) Who is responsible, who respects the clients time and stays on schedule.

15) Who you will feel safe and secure, in the reading.

16) Who allows you to feel able to ask questions freely and give your feedback even if you do not like the reading.

17) Who makes you feel better afterwards, and you would feel that you would be looking forward to more sessions ‘when or if needed.

18) Who always holds all information given in complete confidence. You should feel 100% trust and confidence in your psychic.

How to Recognize a Psychic who is ‘Not’ There for Your Highest Good

An Unethical or Dishonest Psychic

1) A psychic who is demanding you to call them back many times to break a spell or cast out darkness in anyway.

2) A psychic or reader who demands large amounts of money before you come in, or the first time they meet you or speak to you.

3) A psychic who makes requests from you that you are not comfortable with.

4) A psychic who demands that you don’t go to anybody else or tries to control you.

5) A psychic who calls you all the time. If the relationship becomes co-dependent.

6) A psychic who only tells you what you want to hear.

7) When you feel a psychic is lying to you, or You feel confused or uncomfortable around them.

8) A psychic who has a large ego and just likes to hear themselves talk.

9) A psychic who puts others down or is negative.

10) A psychic who does not believe in the Light or a God Source presence.

11) A psychic who feels put-out when you ask any questions or tries to make you feel unequal to them. If the psychic feels they are better or “special.”

12) A psychic who is not respectful to you or others around you.

13) A psychic who wants you to put them on a pedestal, or wants you make them your special “guru.”

14) A psychic who wants to manipulate you to serve their needs and not your own.

15) A psychic who believes the dark is stronger then the light. Run from this.

16) A psychic who claims they know more then they actually do. Maybe not telling you the truth.

17) A psychic who makes you feel that you have given “your power” over to them and you cannot think for yourself.

18) A psychic who makes you feel total fear or an uneasiness in their presence. The psychic feeds off of your insecurities.

19) A psychic who Shares your information and your readings with others, and does not hold it “sacred or confidentially” just between the two of you.

20) A psychic who cancels appointments with you and is never on time.

21) A psychic who or Reader who is intoxicated in anyway, and is not sober for the session.

Any Psychic that’s Not There For Your Highest Good…. Run, Do Not Walk.

This article was written by Tammy Holmes, a natural born psychic medium. 

Tammy Holmes Speaks directly to the Other side and has worked in missing persons cases, featured on TV, Radio interviews and People magazine. Often called the “Psychic’s psychic.” 

Tammy has been called to assist in circumstances where no answers could be found by traditional means.


Tammy’s Introduction

Psychic Medium Tammy Holmes

Tammy is a natural-born Psychic Medium, Spiritual Life Coach, Author and Speaker. She writes and speaks about ways to live more joyfully and peaceful lives, where you become the co-creator of your own life. 

Tammy has been featured in People Magazine, Television and Radio. She has been instrumental in helping local police in Missing Person Cases. Always seeking to contribute to those in need, Tammy has been called to assist in circumstances where no answers could be found by traditional means.  By example, Tammy was pivotal in helping locate the body of a Phoenix-area business women’s mother in the desert. This garnered national attention and was featured in People Magazine.

Psychic Medium Readings

Tammy begins all of her Readings with a short prayer of protection and gives you exactly what she gets. Sometimes people you’ve known who have crossed over will come through with information for you in your life, often given specific details that only you would know as validation. Sometimes spirit guides may come through or even a pet that has crossed over. Generally whatever is happening currently in your life right now will come in immediately. So many of your questions may be answered before you even ask.

Tammy is a fast receiver of information. She will often give you names, places, times and details descriptions of people. Tammy describes part of what she does as similar to watching a movie. She is Clairvoyant (sees), Clairaudient (hears), Clairsentient (feels) and speaks directly to spirits, guides, people and animals on the other side.  She has Remote Viewing abilities (Past, Present & Future).

As a psychic medium, Tammy often describes her style or the way that she reads is like “watching a movie.”  Tammy speaks directly to the Other Side, giving you the exact and detailed information as received. 

Clearings and Psychic Healings

Readings can also help return you to a state of well being, through a Psychic Healing, Clearing out Negative Energies in and around you. Tammy is able to clear almost anything, such as houses, property and people. Every situation is different. As spirit is everywhere, it is not necessary for Tammy to be at your location. In fact, in some clearings it is better if the spirits don’t know she is going to do the work. Tammy can do Chakra Clearings, Psychic Soul Retrievals and Clearings of various types of attachments.

If you desire more clarity about this, feel free to give her a call.

Listen to Tammy talk about Hear Clearings, Haunted Homes and Actual Clearings she has done!


Easy Scheduling

Easy to schedule with Tammy. Generally Tammy can read for you within 24 hours or sooner. Sometimes the same day. Call Tammy to schedule a time. Call Tammy to speak with her directly, or any messages will be returned promptly the same day.

Tammy Holmes

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