Spiritual Life Coaching and Personal Psychic Development

Live your life purpose! Learn to break through fear, release anger, and forgive. Finally, dissolve blocks that prevent forward motion and get grounded. Rise up to a higher vibration and live with peace creating meaningfulness while realizing dreams really do come true.

“Tammy is a constant source of support. She is always there 100% for you. I have referred many people to her as she helps people extend their love into the world in their own unique way. I love, love her!”

– Dr. Valerie D. from Pittsburgh, PA

About my Coaching

My coaching sessions are one-on-one phone conversations designed to help you co-create your ideal life. During an individual coaching session, you and I will have an honest conversation – complete with interactive exercises – about what matters most to you.

I hear and intuitively know what is keeping you from having the fulfilling life experience you desire. Then, I give you specific guidance, techniques, and tools to help you feel inspired, empowered, and able to confidently move forward in your life. I will support you and hold you accountable with homework and affirmations in-between the sessions.

Personal Coaching Sessions Are Tailored Sessions to Fit Your Personal Needs

You can focus on your family life, money issues, career, business, relationships, spiritual development, psychic development, or other areas of your life.

I help you tap into your inner wisdom, empowering you to get the answers you need long after our sessions are complete. With this focus, you can use the guidance, techniques, and tools you learn to help you throughout your lifetime.

I offer personal coaching to release the beliefs that hold one back and discover one’s greatest potential for those ready to do the work.  As you experience the changes you will feel hopeful, empowered, and believe that anything is possible. You will play bigger than you ever have before, purging all your fears away. Together it will happen. Start today.

“Tammy has provided me with outstanding coaching for years. Our collaboration has included seasons of intensive weekly sessions and times of less frequent appointments. Tammy guidance has made it possible for me to create, love, and live more fully with joy and confidence.”

– Ellen S., Tempe, AZ

What Do the Coaching Sessions Cost?

Each 30-minute Coaching Session is  $125

Each 60-minute Coaching Session is  $250

“My coaching sessions with Tammy over the past year have enhanced every aspect of my life, every relationship. Through her guided meditations and gentle teaching, my anxiety and grief have been replaced with gratitude and joy. She has changed and saved my life!“

– Joanne K. Columbus, TX

“I have been working with Tammy now for over two years and she has been so incredibly helpful. We seem to get more accomplished in 30 minutes working together in comparison to what 10 years of therapy has done. I highly recommend Tammy!”

Allianna M., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Free Consultation

If you have questions about my coaching style and would like to schedule a free 10 minute consultation, please contact me by phone or email, include days and times that are best for you (include your time zone) and we will arrange a consultation time. A consultation is specifically for determining if my coaching style works for you. It is not a coaching call.

Schedule a Free Consultation or Coaching Session Now!

1-602-347-7799  (cell)

“I had talked to Tammy about how my grandma and sister have certain abilities and I was wondering if I had them as well. Tammy has helped me learn more about my abilities, how to protect myself, and inspired me to dive in and find out more about myself.  It has been so empowering having Tammy by my side to encourage and mentor me.” 

-Heather T. Phoenix, AZ