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Why Did We Have To Experience Covid?

Sep 12, 2021 | Uncategorized

I get this question all the time from most of my clients. The answer may surprise you but here it is.

Because sickness is FEAR, not love. As collective humans, we are in dark as much as light. There is so much anger and separation on the planet right now and so covid came into our experience to reset us collectively.

The darkness of sickness is a way to raise repressed anger, resentment, and pain to heal us. As I have said the soul is going to evolve with or without your permission. So to grow on a soul level we are going through the pain cycle with covid.  We are collectively growing on a soul level at the same time. This is actually healing our planet.

What is interesting to me is that now we have the 4 and 5th variants of covid. Each variant that is found is not as intense as the last one. This is how pain works. Each time you grieve or release from something it gets less and less.

Own it or not we are the pain and the light and experiences on this planet. As external as our experiences they are also internal within us.  It is all connected.

I say if it is not working on the outside of you then it is because you are not working on the inside of you. Fix the internal and the external will change. Most people who are not awake only want the external to play out as they want it to. Then they think they will feel better. However, that is not how it works. When you release all outcomes is when the play will get easier. Surrender is easy to say and sometimes hard to do.

You know when have held onto something too tight you end up losing it anyway. Or when you blame others for your pain. You are not owning your part in it. You cannot heal what you do not own.  Ask to see it differently. Ask what am I supposed to learn from this. What is my higher self showing me? What is the blessing in this? Yes, I said blessing. Why is this happening?

I am “A Course In Miracles” student and teacher. What the course says is that there are no victims, we are all willing participants. That our thoughts create our reality. I also believe that we have to raise our vibrations higher because we also need to heal mother earth. She has taken a beating for too long. Mother earth cannot transform the energies anymore for us. Mother Earth needs our help as well.

So, I do believe as we own our part in the play and truly forgive ourselves and others is when we will be happier. Look to yourself to be happy not another person, place, or thing.

Look at your perceptions to see if they align with truth and God. One way to know if you are aligned with God and love is if you have a deep feeling of peace. A knowing you are on track with your thoughts and actions.

I know so many people have crossed over in the last three years. What if that was supposed to happen? I see death differently. I see death as graduation and that you graduated from elementary school. I know we miss our loved ones. I get that on a personal and professional level. I know you will see your loved ones when you cross over. That there is no death just a change in dimensions.

I had a client in California who lost seven members of her family due to covid. They all went out for pizza one night and all of them got covid. The woman who called me drove each member to the hospital and never saw her family members again.

I do understand the pain of this and the loss my heart goes out to everyone who has lost loved ones or is in any pain. So, I don’t do readings lightly or come off like it is not a big deal. Because your life is a big deal. I acknowledge your pain and your suffering however I am willing to hold the space to help you move past it. Even if it is just to get one foot moving forward so you do not get stuck in it.

It does take time to heal for everyone. I also know as you heal we all heal. I heard a gentleman say one time and I do believe this. We are as far along on our journey as the last person behind us.

I know we are not separate and are here to help each other every day. I hope you all see each other as moving forward together and having compassion for yourself and your loved ones. Also, for people you do not know.

Covid is a wake-up call for us to take care of each other. All the people whom I have talked to losing loved ones get what is important. It is relationships. To really appreciate those in front of you. Do not take for granted those around you. To not just look at things that are not working in your life. To have gratitude. To take care of each other. The rest is just props in the play.  How we interact and love each other is what we are here to do.

So how are you showing up in your life? What can you see differently? How can you love yourself and those around you better? I know I will try this every day moving forward. To love those around me more while they are alive. Do stop being so hard on yourself or others. Laugh some, play some, take a time out. Have more balance.

Enjoy the small things and savor those moments that put smiles on your face and bring tears to your eyes. To hold someone a little longer. To not be in a hurry all the time. To enjoy your family and friends.

My clients teach me to love and what is important. I do believe I have to hear it over and over again because I need it. God knew what he was doing by putting me in this line of work. Thank God for that.  I bless all of you and love you for your bravery and your dedication to being the best you can be.