Psychic Environment Clearings

A Psychic Environment Clearing Transforms Negative Energy Around You or in Your Surroundings, such as a Room, Home, or a Building.

You might need Tammy to do a psychic envirornment clearing if you answer YES to these questions…

  • Do you feel like your home or work place is making you sick?
  • Have you seen or felt uneasiness or displayed energy around you or in your environment?
  • Have you tried other things and they have not worked?

“My family and I had been having paranormal experiences in a home we had recently purchased.  At first, it was playful and over time, the experiences were growing more sinister. I am so thankful that I found Tammy!!  Tammy came in and was able to remove the spirit. Above that, Tammy was able to teach me how to cleanse our home and keep negative energy away.

– Heather T., Phoenix, AZ

Questions About Psychic Environment Clearing

What is Tammy’s Process?

I can see open portals in homes and rooms of a house that need to be closed. The portals could be in the present or from the past.

There are people who do not want to leave their homes once they die. The longer a person has been dead the darker their spirit gets over time. The number one reason that I see ghosts who won’t cross over is that they feel they do not deserve the light of God.  When I do a crossing I bring in someone the ghost loved in their lifetime. Love heals and they will always go with the ones they still love.

What about Ouija boards?

I will not clear a house if they have an Ouija board. For some reason, this is a real problem for the people who own them. Once they have thrown it away, I can do the clearing.

“Tammy Holmes is a treasure ~ I hope others realize it. Clearing damaging/unwanted energy is one of the most important things to do on this energy-clogged planet, and she’s a master at it. She’s my go-to for clearing all kinds of energies that most people aren’t even aware of and has been crucial in keeping my life on a higher path.”

– Nan S. from Northern California

Psychic Environment Clearing Price

I will need to talk to you to access how much time it will take to clear your problem. The price will vary depending on your circumstance.

My hourly rate is $250 with a one-hour minimum.

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